Cool Twice – How Recycled Fashion is Taking Over the Market

Fashion, fortunately for the companies that involve themselves in it, changes all the time. Everyone knows that – it’s one of the things that make buying presents for the fashionista so darn hard. What’s in one moment is out the next: sometimes so quickly that one is never sure whether the thing that is now out was ever in at all, or whether one was mistaken all along. Fear not, though, for a new trend has hit the high street – one that ticks everyone’s box, no matter who they are. Recycled fashion – the art of making cool stuff out of stuff that used to be something else.

Fashion, of course, doesn’t simply apply to clothes. Home wares, kitchen items, decorative options: they all go through the fashion mill on a regular basis too. And some of the coolest stuff around, in these categories, is coming in from the recycling bin. Recycled Laundry Basket, Recycled Bins, Jewellery Rolls all made from the bits and pieces of older things.

Recycled fashion oozes ethnicity, in the coolest way possible – these things, which otherwise would have contributed to landfills in some of the poorest places in the world, have been resurrected as useful objects for the home and garden.

See, recycled fashion isn’t just about being cool – though cool it undeniably is. The recycled goods and clothes that make up the latest wave of awesome stuff to hit the UK market represent a unique opportunity for all the consumers. For once, the nation can buy something it really wants, and relax in the knowledge that, by buying, it’s helping another country to do something about its lack of opportunity.

The ethics of recycling fashion doesn’t stop with a bit of conscience salving, either. Imagine this: a world where big corporations are prevented from destroying the planet completely, because everyone has started buying stuff made from old stuff, rather than stuff made from new stuff.

Buying recycled gear is a way of saying “no” to the endless consumption of the planet’s materials – while, at the same time, getting some fresh new threads, or a great bag, or even some seriously funky dinner plates for the new home. Consumption, the message says, doesn’t have to be all-consuming. Trying a little new-from-old is a great way to get that Holy Grail of all fashion items – the unique – whilst tickling a newly-found conscience, too. Who knows – if the recycled fashion bug really bites, we might see a whole new way of making “new” things happen. And that would be the coolest trick of all.

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